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June 13, 2018   The Groundbreaking Work of Forrest “Woody”Mosten

May 30, 2018    The Case for Marital Agreements

May 2, 2018       It Makes a Big Difference How Couples Negotiate Divorce Settlements

Mar. 14, 2018    Spiritual Journeys in a Material World: Some Thoughts on Spirituality for Divorce Professionals

Dec. 13, 2017    Bringing Virginia Divorce Law Into the 21st Century

Dec. 6, 2017      The Ever-Evolving Institution of Marriage in America

Nov. 22, 2017    An Essay on Spirituality for Divorce Professionals 

Nov. 8, 2017      Sorting Out and Managing Emotions in the Divorce Process

Nov. 1, 2017       Applying the Ideas of Nobel Prize Economist Richard Thaler to Divorce Negotiations

Oct. 25, 2017     Celebrated Therapist John M. Gottman on Marriage and Divorce

Sept. 13, 2017    Sorting Out the Emotions in the Divorce Process

June 14, 2015    Review of Changing the Conversation: The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution

June 7. 2017       Bringing Virginia Divorce Law Into the 21st Century

May 10, 2017      Five Myths About the Divorce Process

May 3, 2017        The Potential for Post-Marital Agreements

Apr. 26, 2017     Issues Raised by the 2016 Virginia Spousal Support Amendment

Oct.28, 2015      Some Lessons from Steve Jobs

Apr. 12, 2017     The Art of Staying Young 101 for Divorce Professionals

Apr. 5, 2017       Review of Mastering Crucial Moments in Separation and Divorce by Kate Scharff, M.S.W. & Lisa Herrick, Ph.D.

Mar. 29, 2017    A Review of Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Models

Mar. 15, 2017    The Nature of Problems with Child Support Negotiations

Mar. 1, 2017      Martial Arts and Divorce Negotiations

Feb. 15, 2017    Some Practical Uses of Arbitration in Divorce Cases

Feb. 8, 2017     It’s Not Just the Romantic Stuff That Makes a Marriage Special

Feb. 1, 2017      The Sagas of Mr. & Ms. Nasty and Mr. & Mrs. Nice

Jan. 25, 2017   Divorcing the Wealthy

Jan. 18, 2017   Variations on Conventional Divorce Mediation

Jan.11, 2017    The Elements of Effective Divorce Mediation

Jan. 4, 2017      A Few Practical 2017 Resolutions for Divorce Professionals

Dec. 28, 2016    It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts

Dec. 21, 2016    The Implications of Treating Attorney Negotiated Settlements as ADR

Dec. 14, 2016     Dealing with Inflexible Clients

Dec.  7, 2016      The Interplay between Marital and Political Conflict

Nov. 30, 2016    A Practical Checklist for Financial Disclosures

Nov. 23, 2016    A Business Model for Divorce Agreements

Nov . 16, 2016    21st Century Trends in American Family Law